Sea Freight

Sea Freight

With long-term relationships with many large and prestigious shipping lines such as NYK, SITC, Benline, Hanjin, Kline, Evergreen, APL, MSC, Yangming ... Vinalogs provides leading container shipping services in Vietnam including:

Provide customers with shipping services and export by sea from Vietnam to anywhere in the world and vice versa (full container cargo (FCL) and retail cargo (LCL).
Strong markets include: China, Thailand, Malaysia, ...
Providing import services from around the world to Vietnam (especially from the Chinese market).
Door-to-door delivery service.

3 commitment:
Vinalogs is responsible for receiving and delivering goods on the basis of commercial invoices, contracts, packing list and some other relevant documents of the owner.
Service quality is guaranteed by direct routes through a long-standing and reputable dealer network.
Competitive price and fastest shipping time.

We have an extensive network of agents, ensuring a safe and convenient delivery, shipping, and competitive rates.

In addition, we also provide transport services, aviation, as well as ancillary services such as customs clearance, handling, documents ...

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What method do you ship?
We provide sea freight services, for goods packed in containers. Can be in full container (FCL) or packed with other shipments (LCL).
Can do both Import and Export Goods?
Depending on the needs of the shipper, we can arrange for both export and import.

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